From the land of olive trees,from Lebanon,Al-Koura, our journey started.We were raised to love our land and to appreciate it and we grew up to establish a privately held family business under the name of Msallem


Our attachements to the olive trees was inherited to us by our great grandfathers,and hence we decided to develop our business and and specialization in pickles and olives


Msallem established a modern food processing plant in line with the European standars.We specialize in pickles and olives and we take care of all production stages from A to Z,from cropping all the way to the supply of end-products


Our plant and employees are committed to the highest business standars and are trained and supervised by international experts in the fields



SINCE 1980

Keen to provide our customers with the best quality of olives the company now hosts the latest equipment in addition to a state-of-the-art laboratory,which is considered the best olives and pickles laboratory in the private sector. Our goals is to ensure the delivery of healthy and safe products and we are commited to quality and innovation in the production of superior Lebanese olives, pickles and related products. Our family name Msallem,is now linked to the food industry,in particular olives and pickles. Msallem,the premier manufacturer and packer of national branded and private label gourmet and specialty products